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Epic Leisure is one of the leading South African Outdoor Equipment Manufacturers. We share the love for camping and the great outdoors, and understand the need for durable and expertly designed outdoor equipment. Our products are designed with three requirements in mind: durability, functionality and compactness.

About Epic Leisure

Where did it all start?

With an upcoming overlanding excursion in the summer of 2012, Malan, founder and director of Epic Leisure, realized that he will once again be faced with one of the typical irritants that every over lander and camper faces: “What to do with my cooking gear!”. As usual, the stove was in one crate, the cutlery rattling around in another plastic container, etc. It was at that moment that he decided: that’s it, something must be done about this inconvenience.

He started looking at items lying around in his garage and saw a metal box with a lid and decided to make a few modifications to it like installing 2 drawers and a 3-burner camping stove, and that was the proof of concept. Malan used that on more and more trips while improving the concept for every trip.

I guess one can only improve on a concept so much and before long the skills of a draughtsman was employed which lead to a vastly improved design. The first cabinet that resembles the now legendary Camping Kitchen was made. In 2015 the then Hectic Enterprises, now known as Epic Leisure (Pty) Ltd, was established. Since that inspired day in the summer of 2012 new versions and variants of that Camping kitchen has blessed numerous overlanders and campers on 3 continents of the world.

We hope you are part of the family already or will soon also experience how comfortable and enjoyable outdoor cooking can be with the Epic Leisure camping kitchens.

Our Team

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Malan van der Merwe

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